9 Best Science-Backed Magnesium Supplements to Boost Low Levels, According to Experts

Magnesium is at the top of the list of minerals that your body need. It’s necessary for muscle and neuron function, blood glucose control, and heart health. Magnesium has even been shown to help reduce migraines and lessen your risk of type 2 diabetes.

“Magnesium is involved in more biological functions than you might think, including the generation of ATP, or energy,” explains Stephanie Gray, D.N.P., M.S., A.R.N.P., owner of Integrative Health and Hormone Clinic in Hiawatha, Iowa, a doctorally qualified functional medicine nurse practitioner. “As a result, magnesium imbalances might cause issues with energy generation.”

So, where does magnesium originate from? Magnesium is a mineral that may be found in both plant and animal meals. “More than half of your magnesium is in your bones, one-fourth is in your muscles, and the remainder is in fluids and tissues including the blood, heart, and kidneys,” explains Elizabeth Somer, M.S., R.D.N., a dietitian in Salem, OR, and a member of Persona Nutrition’s medical advisory board. “Magnesium in bone serves as a reservoir that may be utilized to provide an appropriate supply of the mineral to the rest of the body in addition to maintaining its structure.”

What are the best sources of magnesium?

You can acquire enough magnesium by eating specific foods and, if necessary, taking a dietary supplement. According to the National Institutes of Health, adult males require 400 to 420 milligrams per day, while adult females require 310 to 360 milligrams per day (NIH). Nuts and seeds, spinach, soy milk, black beans, edamame, baked potatoes, and brown rice are all rich sources of the mineral.

Do you need to take a magnesium supplement?

“Almost one-half of all Americans do not get enough magnesium from food alone and should take a supplement,” Somer explains. Magnesium shortage, also known as hypomagnesemia, can occur if you don’t obtain enough of this mineral.

Headaches, muscular cramps (especially in the legs), sleep issues, anxiety, PMS, palpitations, menstrual cramps, melancholy, bone pain, or osteoporosis are all indications and symptoms of magnesium insufficiency.

How to find the best magnesium supplement

If you and your doctor agree that you should take a magnesium supplement, look for magnesium aspartate, citrate, lactate, or chloride, which are more easily absorbed by the body than magnesium oxide and magnesium sulfate, according to Somer. She points out that one-a-day multivitamins don’t normally have “anything near enough magnesium,” so if you’re lacking, you’ll need to take a separate supplement.

When feasible, Gray recommends taking magnesium in capsule form and selecting a high-quality product that is free of hazardous fillers and chemicals. Make sure to take your prescription exactly as your doctor prescribes, and inquire about any possible interactions with any drugs or supplements you’re taking. “Magnesium fights for absorption with other minerals like calcium and zinc,” for example.

Magnesium Breakthrough

Magnesium Forms: Chelate, bis-glycinate, sucrasomal, malate, orotate, taurate, citrate

Dose: 500mg of elemental magnesium

Synergistic Ingredients: Vitamin B6, Manganese, Humic/Fulvic minerals

Contents: 60 capsules

Serving Size: 2 capsules

Specialty: High-potency

BiOptimizers is obsessed with employing the most studied substances in the most efficient amounts possible. Dom D’Agostino, Monia Avdic, PHD, Sabina Halilovic, PHD, and some of the world’s best supplement formulators are among their scientific consultants and specialists. They don’t make things until they can outperform the competition. Magnesium Breakthrough is an example of this.

Magnesium Breakthrough contains 7 distinct types of magnesium in a monoatomic humic & fulvic combination to help the mind and body function better while also increasing absorption. Vitamin B6 and manganese are included in their recipe for even more powerful results (backed by this study).

Natural Stacks Magnesium

natural stacks magtech

Magnesium Forms: Taurate, l-Threonate, glycinate

Dose: 300mg elemental magnesium

Contents: 90 capsules

Serving Size: 3 capsules

Specialty: 3-forms-in-1

Since 2013, Natural Stacks has been selling cutting-edge supplement compositions. They specialize in nootropics for brain enhancement, but they’ve extended into other areas of human performance enhancement. MagTech® is a highly bioavailable mixture (“stack”) of three strong magnesium forms: Magnesium L-Threonate (100mg Magtein), Magnesium Taurate (630mg), and Magnesium Glycinate (600mg). An intake of three capsules contains 200mg of elemental magnesium in total.

Magnesium glycinate’s relaxing and sleep-promoting properties are combined with magnesium L-threonate and taurate’s brain-enhancing properties in this one-of-a-kind formula.

Upgraded Magnesium

UF Mag Capsules

Upgraded Formulas is focused on identifying and optimizing nutrient deficiencies with this new category of supplementation called Stabilized Nano Minerals focused on supporting healthy life span, smooth focus, deep sleep quality, anti-aging benefits, and a sense of newness and rejuvenation.

We use “The best that science has to offer” to create supplements that actually do what they say they do to help you “Live Optimally.” It has been said by many that our products are an absolute game-changer.

Jigsaw Health MagSRT®

jigsawhealth magsrt

Magnesium Forms: DiMagnesium malate

Dose: 500mg magnesium

Synergistic Ingredients: Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal-5-phosphate), Folate (as Quatrefolic® 5MTHF), Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin)

Contents: 240 tablets

Serving Size: 4 tablets

Specialty: Extended-release formula

Jigsaw Health developed a time-release medication in 2005 that employs unique Sustained Release Technology to provide Magnesium over an 8-hour period. This increases absorption while reducing intestinal pain. Since then, they’ve risen to become America’s #1 time-release magnesium, backed by some of the most well-known names in health and wellness, including Wellness Mama, Ben Greenfield, Thomas DeLauer, and hundreds of others.

MagSRT® is a one-of-a-kind product. To begin, Albion® Labs DiMagnesium Malate is included in the mix, which is extremely absorbable. Each meal contains 500mg of elemental magnesium, as well as the synergistic active forms of B Vitamin Cofactors (B6, B9, and B12), which improve absorption even more.

Magmind Magnesium Supplement

Jarrow Formulas MagMind

90 VEGGIE Capsules

Includes Magnesium L-Threonate (Magtein)

Supports Brain Health & Function

– 30 Servings

Do you want to keep your mind sharp? According to Gray, these vegan magnesium L-threonate pills might help. “Because it can transport magnesium ions across lipid membranes, including those of brain cells,” she continues, it is thought to have greater absorption going over the blood-brain barrier. To promote brain health and function, take one in the morning and two at night.