The #1 Fruit for a Longer Life, New Study Says

Take a couple grapes the next time you’re in the mood for some fresh fruit. According to a recent study, they are not only a delightful pleasure but can also lengthen your life.

According to a research recently published in the Foods journal, included two cups of grapes in a daily diet that also contained a lot of high-fat foods reduced fatty liver problems, boosted levels of antioxidant genes, and prolonged lifetime.

Dr. John Pezzuto, a member of the Western New England University team that carried out the study, estimated that a person might probably have a life that may be five years longer even if the study’s subjects were mice rather than humans.

The fact that there will be more study on antioxidants and their involvement in disease management and prevention generally is what excites me about this research and issue. This will provide people even more motivation to concentrate on include a wide range of foods in their diets.

According to McDermott, the antioxidant component in grapes gives them a natural anti-inflammatory effect, which is why they are so healthful. Yes, according to McDermott, “grapes include a range of antioxidants, including resveratrol, catechins, quercetin, and anthocyanins.”

The takeaway, she says, is that grapes have numerous antioxidants, which when combined with a balanced diet will help fight free radicals, lower oxidative stress, and produce anti-inflammatory effects. She acknowledges that “those names may not mean much to most people,” but she explains that “the takeaway is that grapes have multiple antioxidants.”

According to McDermott, “grapes are also nutritious because they include phytonutrients, which also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics to them, helping to maintain the health of your cells and DNA and ultimately keeping you healthy!”