Addiction Calculator

Addiction may severely shorten your life in addition to causing significant misery, social issues, and difficulties sustaining relationships. With the help of our addiction calculator, you can find out how much lower your life expectancy would be if you were hooked to various different substances and how much shorter it would be overall.

Addiction Calculator

Addiction and substance use disorder (SUD)

When a person’s use of alcohol or other substances results in health difficulties or challenges at work, school, or home, a substance use disorder (SUD) is a medical illness that can develop. SUD is a collection of mental, bodily, and behavioral symptoms that lead to a range of issues in the aforementioned domains. SUD-related substances include:

  • alcohol;
  • phencyclidine;
  • inhalants;
  • stimulants;
  • cannabis;
  • opioids;
  • tobacco;
  • sedatives, hypnotics, and anxiolytics.

A component of substance use disorders is drug addiction. A person’s conduct results in an inability to manage the use of drugs or (even legal) medications, which is a brain condition. Despite the negative effects, compulsive drug use is a symptom of the disorder.

Drugs outlined in this addiction calculator

Our tool considers the following substances:

  • alcohol – the average alcoholic drinks 2.15 “standard drinks” per day.
  • cigarettes – 20 cigarettes every day.
  • cocaine – one gram per day, split into 6 doses.
  • methamphetamine – 5.3 hits per day.
  • heroin- 3 injections per day.
  • methadone – 4 pills per day.

How does this addiction calculator work?

Simply select a substance from the drop-down box, input the daily dosage of that drug, and select the age at which the habit is formed to utilize the tool. Choose your nation to obtain a precise life expectancy estimate (Wikipedia comes to the rescue, as always).