Waist to Height Ratio Calculator

Waist to Height Ratio Calculator

Our waist to height ratio calculator calculates your waist-to-height ratio, a simple yet efficient measure of centralized obesity and related cardiometabolic risk. Continue reading to learn how to measure your waist. You may also use our body shape calculator to determine your body type.

Why is Waist to Height Ratio Calculator important?

The waist-to-height ratio is a measurement of body fat distribution. As an approximate measure of obesity, the higher someone’s waist-to-height ratio is, the higher their risk of obesity-related cardiovascular illnesses.

The waist-to-height ratio is an excellent indication of a person’s risk of heart attack, stroke, or mortality, according to studies, while the relation to diabetes has yet to be shown. Body mass index (BMI) and waist-hip ratio are two other indicators of abdominal obesity.
The following WtHR cut-off values were established based on this evaluation, which included all cardiometabolic outcomes from research in fourteen different countries, Waist to Height Ratio Calculator:

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  • 0.50 for men; and
  • 0.50 for women.

Shape chart based on waist to height ratio

Diagram description:

  • Waist circumference is presented along the x axis and height on the y axis.
  • Chart is suitable for adults and children over 5 years old.
  • The cut-off values for waist-to-height ratio are set at WHtR 0.4 (brown to green), 0.5 (green to yellow) and 0.6 (yellow to red).
  • The brown area indicates Take Care – you might be underweight, no need to decrease your waist circumference.
  • The Green area indicates OK.
  • Yellow area indicates Consider Action for adults and Take Action for children.
  • Red area indicates Take Action.

The chart presented above was created by Margaret Ashwell and comes from the following publication:

  • [Ashwell M. Charts Based on Body Mass Index and Waist to Height Ratio to Assess the

How to measure your waist?

The waist circumference should be measured with a stretchy tape at the halfway between the last palpable rib and the top of the iliac crest, according to the WHO’s data collection standard on Waist to Height Ratio Calculator.

In practice, the measures are obtained at the natural waist’s lowest circumference, which is normally right above the belly button.

What does waist to height ratio calculator do?

The waist-height ratio is calculated as waist measurement divided by height measurement W ÷ H. For example, a person with a 28 in (71 cm) waist and 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) height has a waist–height ratio of 0.42.

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What is a good height to waist ratio?

A good height to waist ratio is: 0.4 to 0.49

The recommended range for a healthy waist-to-height ratio is 0.4 to 0.49, which means there are no elevated health risks. People have a higher risk of health problems when the ratio is between 0.5 and 0.59, and they have the highest risk when the ratio is 0.6 or higher.

Is 0.42 a good waist-to-height ratio?

A person is considered thin and healthy if their waist to height ratio is between 0.42 and 0.46 for women and 0.43 to 0.46 for men. A person is considered to be healthy if their waist to height ratio is between 0.46 and 0.53 for men and 0.46 to 0.49 for women.

What waist size is considered skinny?

What circumference qualifies as skinny? Women should have a body fat percentage of between 10 and 15 percent and a waist circumference of 24 inches to be deemed slim. The healthy body fat range for women is between 22 and 26 percent.

FAQ Waist to Height Ratio Calculator

What size is classed as curvy?

Hip dimensions of 36 inches or less are typically associated with slim body types, whereas curvaceous ones typically measure 37 or more (inches). Waist to Height Ratio Calculator

How do I calculate waist-to-height ratio?

To calculate your waist-to-height ratio:

  1. Measure your waist circumference midway between the lower rib and the iliac crest (this is usually just above the belly button).
  2. Determine your height.
    • Make sure that the units of both measurements are the same!
  3. Divide the waist circumference by height – this is the waist-to-height ratio.

What is a good waist-to-height ratio?

The general guidance is that a waist-to-height ratio between 0.4 and 0.49 is considered healthy.

It may suggest that you’re underweight if it’s below 0.4. On the other hand, values exceeding 0.5 indicate a greater probability of health issues related to excess body weight.

What does waist-to-height ratio mean?

The waist-to-height ratio is used to identify the risk of obesity-related diseases as well as body fat distribution. It’s often used as an alternative for BMI.

What should be my waist size for my height?

As a rule of thumb, it should be less than half of your height. For example, if you’re 170 cm (5 ft 6 in) tall, a healthy waist circumference is roughly between 68 cm (26.8 in) and 83.3 cm (32.8 in).