6 Amazing Benefits of Stationary Bike Workouts

Is Riding a Stationary Bike a Good Workout? 5 Reasons to Try Stationary Bikes Put your riding shoes on since there are several benefits to using stationary bikes.

Fortunately, indoor riding offers the same health advantages because there are so many stationary bikes and cycling applications available. Many indoor bikes and cycling machines also provide on-demand routines and videos to assist you get started if this is your first time getting on the saddle.

6 Stationary Bike Benefits

1. It’s Gentle on Your Joints

Getting on a cycling machine is a low-impact aerobic exercise that is usually easy for delicate joints. In fact, because cycling lessens some of the stress from other types of exercise like running, it is frequently utilized in rehab for joint-related problems.

According to Dyan Tsiumis, CPT, a personal trainer with MYX Fitness and Openfit, “Cycling is gentle on your body since it’s a closed chain activity, which means it’s attached to a fixed item — in this example, the pedals — producing less stress on the body.” Because of the closed chain, it is a mild solution for those who desire a challenging workout without putting undue strain on their joints.

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2. It’s a great cardio workout

The benefits of indoor cycling may be felt both psychologically and physically. The heart, lungs, and muscles may all benefit from cycling, according to Erin Jalkanen, a certified personal trainer at Ascend Fitness and Spa. This in turn aids in lowering stress levels, bettering sleep, and lowering blood pressure.

3. Cycling can help reduce body fat

Because the essential motions are low impact, indoor cycling decreases body fat, boosts metabolism, and lowers the risk of injury. The easy ability to perform interval training is “another fantastic feature of biking,” claims Jalkanen.

You may alternate brief bursts of intensive activity with intervals of less intense exercise by using interval training. This kind of exercise can boost your cardiovascular endurance and help you burn more calories quickly. Bike resistance may be readily changed, which makes them perfect for interval training.

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4. Convenient and Customizable

one of the most typical justifications for skipping a workout? I just lack the necessary time. Cycling inside has the benefit of allowing you to exercise for as little or as much time as you choose in the comfort of your own home.

Because of its ease, stationary riding is a popular substitute for outdoor cycling, according to Emily Booth, the education manager for cycle at Life Time fitness facilities.

One of the main advantages of stationary cycling is that it doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside, and you can customize your exercise to meet your particular training regimen by modifying the pace and resistance.

5. Builds Endurance

Like many other cardio exercises, indoor cycling improves heart health while boosting muscle endurance. Your cadence (number of revolutions per minute), together with the length of time you spend in the saddle at various resistance levels, teach your lower-body muscles to be effective and keep your heart rate up, according to Berenberg.

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With the extra bonus that there is no “coasting” on a stationary cycle, stationary bikes offer the same cardiovascular health benefits as outside cycling. You must never stop working, according to Booth.

6. Safer Than Riding on the Road

Drivers trying to pass in bike lanes between junctions are to blame for 25% of bicycle fatalities.

Cycling inside is a safe option for anyone who lives in an area where cycling outside is not encouraged since it eliminates cycling-related risks from car traffic or hazardous roads.

The Best Stationary Bikes for At-Home Workouts

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