Misfits Market vs Imperfect Foods: What is the best product delivery in 2022?

In recent years, subscription box delivery has become quite popular. Consumers may test everything from tailored cosmetics to monthly vinyl choices to fresh meals, with the hope of becoming regular clients.

Most of them, in my opinion, is garbage. However, one of the most popular “sectors” that seems to be growing in popularity is vegetable delivery.

Shoppers are increasingly opting for vegetable delivery to get their weekly supply of produce, snacks, and pantry items. While Amazon Fresh, Instacart, and Fresh Direct are leading the drive for online grocery delivery in general, they’re just raising prices on the same items you’d buy in a store.

are vegetable product delivery legit?

Both Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods are produce-based subscription boxes that strive to minimize food waste while also providing consumers with sustainable, cheap goods.

Both businesses obtain “ugly” or undesirable produce directly from farmers, which would normally be discarded before reaching a supermarket or grocery shop. Ugly produce contains surface flaws or aesthetic defects that make it unfit for consumption. They are, nevertheless, of the same excellent quality, freshness, and flavor as their conventional counterparts.

Imperfect Foods, which was founded in 2015, has been in business for several years and has over 300,000 paying clients as of 2021. Misfits Market, a rival, just opened in 2018. Despite the fact that they are fresh to the market, both firms have had tremendous success.

Both Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods often offer promotions for first-time customers, like these: 

  • Misfits Market: This link + promo code COOKWME-ZF2TMNUPNFX will get you 40% off your first box.
  • Imperfect Foods: This link should get you $25 off your first 3 boxes.

Product Comparison: Misfits Markets vs Imperfect Foods

Before we go into either of these dreadful product deliveries, let’s take a look at how they compare: from a height of 30,000 feet.


What kinds of foods are available at Misfits & Imperfect Foods?

Misfits Market is known for its organic vegetables and excellent snacks.
Misfits Market’s Misfits Marketplace – a cheap grocery shop — provides 100 percent organic vegetables and a limited assortment of other products.

Organic apples, oranges, potatoes, peppers, lettuce, and other vegetable and fruit mainstays may be found at Misfits Market’s produce section. The diversity of fruits available, such as Fuji and Gala apples, Valencia oranges, Tommy Atkins mangoes, and other “rarities,” were particularly appealing to me. Later in this piece, I’ll provide my most recent grocery list.

40% OFF
Your free membership unlocks savings of up to 40% (sometimes more!) compared to grocery...Show More
Your free membership unlocks savings of up to 40% (sometimes more!) compared to grocery store prices. Show Less

The Misfits Marketplace features a variety of extra food and pantry products for really low prices—mostly snacks, protein bars, and soups—but it also sells dog treats (my roommate’s dog likes the Pumpkin + Peanut Butter nibbles), olive oil, and oat milk creamer. In general, there are around 100 distinct items to choose from. In terms of quality, their pantry products are comparable to those found at Sprouts or Whole Foods.

Oh, and as of my most recent purchase, Misfits also sells meat, which comes in special refrigerated packs.

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Misfits Market,

Imperfect Foods is comparable to Misfits Market, except it’s more of an online grocery store.
Imperfect Foods used to be known as Imperfect Produce back in the day. It should come as no surprise, then, that Imperfect Foods, like Misfits Market, sells both organic and conventional groceries.

However, in late 2019, they changed their name to Imperfect Foods and extended their grocery selection. Overall, they have a significantly wider range of products than Misfits Market. It has the sense of a conventional neighborhood grocery shop. Produce, meat, fish, plant-based foods, eggs, dairy, cereals, pantry basics, snacks… are all available for purchase. They even have cosmetics and home products.

What states are Imperfect Foods & Misfits Market available in?

Take a look at this map, which displays coverage for Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods (and was built by our staff with great expertise in Photoshop). Although there is some overlap, many of you will have to choose between the two options.

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What states are Imperfect Foods & Misfits Market available in?

If you live in a region where they intersect, that’s fantastic! You may choose which one you’d want to test (or both, thanks to those great first-timer discounts!).

Don’t worry if you reside in a region where neither company presently services you. Check back in a few months and, given how rapidly they’re growing, it’s highly likely they’ll be able to assist you.

You may also check if you’re covered by entering your zip code on their websites.

Click here to check availability on MisfitsMarket.com

40% OFF
Your free membership unlocks savings of up to 40% (sometimes more!) compared to grocery...Show More
Your free membership unlocks savings of up to 40% (sometimes more!) compared to grocery store prices. Show Less

Or click here to check availability on ImperfectFoods.com

What is it like using Misfits Market or Imperfect Foods?

Signing up for Misfits Market

Making an account is the first step in getting started with your Misfits Market membership. To discover if they ship to your region, you’ll need to confirm your location.

Start putting together your order right away. Misfits had two distinct sizes of boxes to build when I first played it out, but they’ve recently removed that and simplified things (which I like). You might get a startling assortment of food products in your box with over 200 supermarket items to pick from.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • There’s a $30 order minimum for building an order on Misfits Market. 
  • If you choose to include meat, seafood,  or anything that needs to be shipped in a cold pack, this is considered a box of its own, and will therefore also carry a $30 minimum order size. 

Signing up for Imperfect Foods

When you click the Sign Up button, you’ll be asked to enter your zip code to verify that Imperfect Foods delivers to your location. After that, you’ll be asked to complete a simple survey to help identify which membership package is ideal for your family. The size and kind of the resulting box will also impact the average price of your order.

You’ll be able to see the delivery day your box is scheduled to arrive on and the window in which you may shop after you’ve set up your subscription plan. If you want to skip a planned delivery, you can do so at any time. You may also adjust your meal choices at any time, selecting both recurring and non-recurring items.

Imperfect Foods provides you three days to put together your package. Your basket will already be tailored for you based on your current membership plan. You can adjust the number of them or eliminate them altogether. You can create your own box from the ground up and browse through a more traditional-looking interface if you want to.

Strengths Misfits Markets vs Imperfect Foods

Misfits Market

  • Convenience. Get groceries delivered on a routine schedule (weekly or biweekly) right to your doorstep
  • Price. With so many tasty groceries to choose from, it’s not hard to hit that $30 minimum. And their prices seem on-par with grocery store prices in my area of San Diego.
  • Easy Shopping Interface. Customize your box by browsing preselected categories. No hassle of searching through a huge catalogue. Simple as a click.
  • They’re rapidly expanding their focus beyond just produce. It seems like every time I make a new order from Misfits Market, there’s something new. Most recently, I saw more seafood, plant-based protein, and enticing $0.01 promo deals.
  • 100% Organic. If you only eat organic, you’re in luck.  
  • Trying New Produce. Acorn squash? Yellow nectarines? Black radishes? Misfits Market has got you on that.
  • Flexible Delivery Date. Choose the day of the week that works best for you.
40% OFF
Your free membership unlocks savings of up to 40% (sometimes more!) compared to grocery...Show More
Your free membership unlocks savings of up to 40% (sometimes more!) compared to grocery store prices. Show Less

Imperfect Foods

  • Huge Selection. It’s not as vast as a Whole Foods, but Imperfect Foods will most likely have the weekly essentials you need and a few bonuses: non-organic, organic, vegan, meat/poultry and more.
  • Customization. Flexibility to build your own box and change food preferences.
  • Convenience. Get groceries delivered on a routine schedule (weekly or biweekly) right to your doorstep.
  • Diverse Subscription Boxes. Choose from small to extra large box size and regular, fruit, veggie, or organic box types.
  • Confirmed Quantity. You will know exactly how many of each item you will receive.