Stop Wearing Underwear And Just Watch What Happens

Even more difficult than deciding between trunks or briefs, hipsters or high-rise, is deciding to quit wearing underwear. Yes, perhaps the true debate should be whether you should wear any underwear at all, rather than whether you should wear boxers or briefs.

Going commando may not seem like a common decision, but it is happening more frequently than you may think. In fact, a fifth of us like skipping the underwear entirely, according to a Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes poll. You might be thinking “yuck,” but before you start wringing your hands, consider the many benefits of doing away with your drawers.

You could say goodbye to nerve pain when you wave goodbye to underwear

You are in for a surprise if you find yourself squeezing into a pair of underwear to give form and support to your core. In actuality, you could just be preparing yourself for some unpleasant nerve pain.

Tight waistbands and bulky elastics that dig into your skin have the potential to seriously harm the nerves there. Your undergarments may have an impact on the sciatic nerve, which is a branch of your lower spine. Although it may sound exaggerated, it is a very genuine discomfort that will eventually get on anyone’s nerves.

Avoid skin irritation by not wearing any underwear

Do your underpants cause eczema? Even while it seems unlikely, it does happen. This might badly damage your skin if you have a laundry detergent allergy or if you fail to wash a new outfit before wearing it.

According to women’s health specialist Dr. Donnica Moore, some detergents and colors that are in close proximity to your downstairs might result in contact dermatitis. “Your elbows are far less sensitive than the tissues that your underwear come into contact with.”

fall sleep faster without underwear

You might want to think about skipping your underwear, and even all of your garments, for a night of uninterrupted slumber.

The recommended temperature for sleeping is a comfortable 65 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Healthline. Even with so low of a thermostat setting, you can still feel overly warm from your garments.

Yes, you could be too warm to fall asleep between your underwear, pajamas, partner, and as many blankets you pile on your side of the bed. We’re not suggesting you evict your bedmate or discard your covers, but you might want to think about doing away with the drawers.

fewer UTIs if you avoid wearing underwear

Unfortunately, nearly 60% of women and 12% of men get a urinary tract infection, which results in a burning discomfort every time they use the restroom.

Some common materials used to make our beloved underwear, like silk or nylon, can retain moisture near to the body, creating a favorable environment for the growth of germs.

It might be challenging to keep things simple in a world when there are so many attractive underwear options and fashionable boxers, but doing so is preferable. According to Alyssa Dweck, a gynecologist in New York, cotton underwear is perfect since it lets your bits breathe, freeing you of nasty germs that might eventually develop into a terrible UTI.

Without underwear, you could stop having heartburn

You should be aware that if you have your heart set on some cute underwear, you can get heartburn as a result. Strange, huh? How could your underwear be causing you the same dreadful stomach ache as your favorite burritos?

The height of your underwear is the determining factor, according to Everyday Health. The stakes for heartburn are higher if tight, high-rise underwear is your choice rather than hipsters. Heartburn may result if the band squeezes your stomach, pushing stomach acid back up to your esophagus to condense there.

Have fewer yeast infections if you stop wearing underwear

The majority of individuals wear underpants. yet, your underwear may be putting both men and women at risk for yeast infections.

Yikes. Women’s health specialist Donnica Moore told Considerable that “silk and synthetic garments are not breathable, which raises the danger of moisture being trapped and retained.” According to WebMD, men will also want to avoid a buildup of moisture. Moisture can cause redness, burning, and excruciating itching.

Not wearing underwear can increase sperm production

It seems that your infertility may be brought on by the fact that you wear underpants. Although it is very evident that wearing it won’t aid with conception, there is some science behind the waistline, and it all has to do with sperm.

Temperature is crucial in the development of the greatest young swimmers. The testicles must maintain a temperature of approximately 94 [degrees Fahrenheit], which is a few degrees lower than the typical body temperature, in order to generate sperm effectively, according to Healthline.

Your downstairs heats up significantly while you’re wearing underwear, especially tight boxer briefs, which are pressed up against your 98-degree torso. Lower sperm count might result from this in turn.