Raw Banana: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects and More

A healthy diet is becoming more and more important to people. Because they include fiber and a wealth of vitamins and minerals, fruits are essential to a balanced diet. Unripe raw bananas, also known as green bananas, have a hard flesh and are less sweet than ripe bananas. They are also known as green bananas.

Bananas, sometimes referred to as Musa scientifically, are among the most popular fruits farmed worldwide. Bananas are regarded as a significant fruit in terms of nutritional content and qualities due to the presence of phytochemicals and nutrients.

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Nutritional Value of Raw Banana

The abundance of nutrients in raw bananas makes this inexpensive and widely available fruit rich of potential health advantages. They are a wonderful source of fiber, carbs, and sugar in addition to having a lot of vitamins and minerals. Following is a list of the raw banana’s nutritional value per 100 grams.

Nutritional component  Nutritional value  
Energy  89kcal  
Carbohydrates 22.8g   
Fibres  2.6g  
Proteins  1.09g  
Fats  0.33g  
Sugar  12.2g 
Calcium  5mg  
Potassium  358mg  
Iron  0.26mg  
Sodium  1mg 
Magnesium  27mg  
Phosphorous  22mg  
Zinc  0.15mg  
Selenium  1 μg  
Copper  0.078mg  
Manganese  0.27mg  
Vitamin C 8.7mg  
Vitamin B1 0.031mg  
VitaminB2 0.073mg  
Vitamin B3 0.665mg  
Vitamin B5 0.334mg  
Vitamin B6 0.367mg  
Vitamin A 3μg  
Folate  20 μg  
Water  79.4g 

Properties of Raw Banana

The underrated raw banana has potential health benefits as given below:  

  • help manage weight 
  • help lower blood sugar 
  • help manage high blood pressure 
  • help with digestion2 
  • help with ulcers 
  • show antimicrobial activity 
  • show antioxidant property

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Raw Banana Benefits Overall Health

1. Nutritionally Rich Profile

Resistant starch and a nutrient known as short-chain fatty acid are both found in large quantities in green raw bananas. Additionally, they include essential vitamins and minerals including potassium, vitamin B6 and C, dietary fiber, and significant amounts of protein. In terms of calories, a medium-sized green banana has roughly 81.

2. Regulate and Reduce Blood Pressure

High potassium levels found in raw bananas aid in decreasing high blood pressure by easing the strain on our arteries and blood vessels. Atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and even strokes can all be avoided by eating raw bananas.

3. Aid in Weight Management

Because they contain such high quantities of resistant starch, green bananas can help us eat less and feel fuller for longer. We don’t experience unnecessary hunger sensations as a result. Natural weight loss is rapid and easy.

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4. Control Blood Sugar Levels

Raw bananas’ high vitamin B6 content helps diabetics and pre-diabetics control their blood sugar levels. Due to the large quantities of fiber included in raw bananas, they inhibit the insulin that is released into our blood, which in turn helps to balance our blood sugar levels. The best outcomes are obtained while consuming boiling green bananas with acceptable sugar management.

5. Help in Boosting Metabolism

Green bananas provide vital minerals and vitamins that support the conversion of fat into significant energy. Thus, the body’s metabolism is boosted and its functionality is enhanced. Additionally, they contain a lot of vitamin B6, which facilitates the breakdown of enzymes that also contribute to increasing the body’s metabolism.

6. Soothes Diarrhoea

Raw bananas are a great meal choice while battling diarrhea since they are easy to digest and packed with nutrients. In addition to being simply digested, they also aid in lessening the diarrhoea-related symptoms of headache, nausea, exhaustion, and vomiting.

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7.  Improves Kidney Function

Our body’s electrolyte balance is kept in check by raw bananas, which enhances kidney function. Regularly eating raw bananas helps reduce kidney issues including kidney cancer.

8. It Helps the Blood to Absorb Nutrients Properly

consuming green bananas can increase our body’s nutrition absorbing abilities. The fatty acids and fibres present in raw bananas help the gut absorb essential nutrients, particularly calcium.

9. Beneficial for Hair and Skin

Raw bananas have vitamin C, which helps them combat free radical damage to the skin and hair. Because of the vitamin B6 in raw bananas, our immune systems are strengthened, which benefits both our skin and hair. For good skin and hair, you can also make various face and hair packs using both unripe green and ripe yellow bananas.

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10. Raw Banana Benefits for Skin

Vitamins B6 and C are incredibly abundant in raw bananas. Both skin and hair benefit from these vitamins. Our immune systems are strengthened and our skin is protected from oxidative stress thanks to the nutritious makeup of raw bananas. As a result, raw bananas provide great skin advantages.