The Army Physical Fitness Test score (APFT) Calculator

APFT Calculator

The Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) score is derived by allocating a number of points to sit-ups, push-ups, and the time it takes to complete a 2-mile run. Because decoding the complicated APFT charts might be difficult, simply enter your results and discover if you match the army APFT criteria!

What is the army physical fitness test?

It is a twice-yearly mandatory fitness test for US Army duty members. Soldiers can use it to demonstrate their muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular and respiratory fitness. Army Field Manual 7-22 describes three disciplines that have existed since 1980:

  • 2 minutes of push-ups – a proper push-up entails bending the elbows and lowering the entire body as a single unit until the upper arms are at least parallel to the ground, then lifting the entire body until the arms are fully extended to return to the starting position. During each repetition, the body must remain stiff in a straight line and move as a unit.
  • 2 minutes of sit-ups – a proper sit-up begins with the knees bent at a 45-degree angle, followed by the upper body being raised to, or beyond, the vertical position (where the neck is above the base of the spine). The torso should be lowered until it reaches the bottom of the vertical position or surpasses it.
  • A 2-mile run should be completed as quickly as feasible. Walking is permitted, although it is strongly discouraged. It is forbidden to employ any kind of assistance or even to touch other participants.

What are the APFT standards?

The maximum APFT score is 300 points, divided by 100 points for each discipline.
Each category must receive at least 60 points (60 percent) to pass the test. This signifies that a total score of 180 points is required. In the last field, the APFT calculator displays the overall score.

Servicemen in the United States Army are also required to adhere to body fat guidelines. To see if you fulfill the requirements, try our army body fat calculator or our navy body fat calculator.

How to read APFT charts?

The Army APFT Standards website has specific charts for both genders in each of the three subjects. To check your score, go to:

  1. Find all three tables for your gender;
  2. Determine your age group at the top of the chart – there are eight age ranges in separate columns: 17-21, 22-26, 27-31, 32-36, 37-41, 42-46, 47-51, and 52-56.
  3. Find the number of repetitions you did or your running time on the left-hand side of the chart.
  4. See the score in the field where your age group column and the repetition value row intersect.

Because the scoreboards are huge and complicated, you may just utilize the army’s APFT calculator. It displays the individual scores one by one before adding them up to give you your overall result.