Air Force PT Calculator

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What is Air Force PT

The points you earned during your air force physical fitness exam are estimated using our Air Force PT calculator.
Our AF PT exam calculator will also tell you how well you did on the test and give you some advice on how to pass.

You may also use the to compare your results:

How to use this Air Force PT calculator?

You’ll need the following information to utilize our Air Force fitness calculator:

  1. Your age and sex;
  2. Abdominal circumference;
  3. Amount of sit-ups performed during 1 minute;
  4. Amount of push-ups performed during 1 minute; and
  5. An aerobic fitness assessment:
    • Time to complete a 1.5-mile run; or
    • Time to complete a 2 km walk.

The Air Force fitness calculator will tell you how well you did in each area, as well as the maximum amount of points you may earn in each.

  • You will be given a composite result as well as the total amount of points if you were cleared to run as your aerobic test.
  • The only permitted alternative aerobic benchmark for the Air Force physical fitness exam is a 2-kilometer walk. It’s for folks who haven’t been cleared to run because of a medical problem. If you choose to walk, you will simply be told if you passed or failed.

AF PT test

The four primary aspects of both our AF PT calculator and the original Air Force physical fitness exam are as follows:

  1. Body composition – maximum of 20 points.

a measurement of the circumference of your abdomen (AC). You’ll need to select a spot in the middle axillary line just above your right hipbone (the superior border of your iliac crest) to measure your AC. The measurements must be taken in a horizontal line around your body. For your own personal evaluation, you may also wish to examine your waist-to-hip ratio, body fat (for army tests), or BMI.

2. Aerobic composition – maximum of 60 points (walk: passed or failed).

Depending on your doctor’s recommendation, a 1.5-mile run or a 2 km stroll. A 3-minute warm-up and a 3-minute cool-down are permitted before and after the workout. Minutes will be used to determine how long it takes to accomplish the assignment.

  1. Muscular fitness component: sit-ups – maximum of 10 points.
  2. Muscular fitness component: push-ups – maximum of 10 points.

Both components of muscle fitness can be done before or after the aerobic test. Only successfully executed push-ups and sit-ups will be factored into your final score.

Air Force PT Passing requirements

You must achieve the minimal component values in all of the various categories in order to pass; none of your outcomes maybe 0.

In addition, you must have a composite score of greater than 75 percent.

❗ You must pass the walk and complete the minimum and goal values for the muscle components and abdominal circumference tests if you do the alternate aerobic standard.

Your score will be automatically placed into one of the following categories by our Air Force PT test calculator:

  • Excellent ≥ 90%
  • Satisfactory 75 – 89.9%
  • Unsatisfactory < 75%

Air Force PT test chart

This Air Force PT score calculator is based on information from the US Air Force’s official personnel center.

Air Force PT charts are separated into ten portions based on a subject’s age and sex and are created for certain groups of people. For younger persons and males, the qualifications are more stringent. The age groupings are as follows:

  • under 30 years old
  • 30-39 years old
  • 40 -49 years old
  • 50-59 years old
  • >60 years old

Check this full Air Force PT scoring chart.