Hippie Headband Hairstyles: A Tribute to the Free-Spirited Era

The 1960s and 70s were all about the hippie movement, which brought about a whole lot of cultural, political, and social change. It was a time when people valued personal expression above everything else, and fashion became a symbol of freedom. Among the various trends that emerged during this era, hippie headband hairstyles truly stood out as a representation of the free-spirited and nonconformist ethos of the time.

Why Hippie Headband Hairstyles Matter

Hippie headband hairstyles aren’t just about looking good; they’re about making a statement. They embody a break from the norm, a celebration of natural beauty, and a connection to the bohemian and earthy way of life. The headbands, often adorned with beads, flowers, and peace symbols, became synonymous with the movement’s ideals of peace, love, and harmony.

20 Hippie Headband Hairstyles to Awaken Your Inner Flower Child

Get ready to be inspired by these 20 hippie headband hairstyles that continue to capture the imagination:

Flower Power Band– Hippie Headband Hairstyles:

Keep it simple and loose with a vibrant floral headband.

Boho Braids – Hippie Headband Hairstyles:

Weave multiple small braids into a relaxed hairstyle, complete with a thin, beaded headband.

Twisted Turban – Hippie Headband Hairstyles:

Wrap your hair in a bandana-style headband for a cool turban effect.

Beaded Beauty – Hippie Headband Hairstyles:

Let your long, flowing locks shine with a headband featuring intricate beadwork.

Feathered Freedom – Hippie Headband Hairstyles:

Accentuate your look with a headband adorned with feathers, paired with wavy hair.

Peaceful Plaits – Hippie Headband Hairstyles :

Combine plaits and twists, secured with a peace sign headband.

Sunset Strands – Hippie Headband Hairstyles: S

tyle your hair with warm, sunset hues and a simple suede headband.

Hippie Halo – Hippie Headband Hairstyles:

Create a crown braid that encircles your head, adorned with a delicate and ethereal headband.

Retro Wrap – Hippie Headband Hairstyles:

Wear a wide, retro-patterned headband with a voluminous, teased hairstyle.

Earthy Elastic – Hippie Headband Hairstyles:

Embrace your natural curls with a stretchy, earth-toned headband.

Gypsy Glam – Hippie Headband Hairstyles:

Soft curls topped with a shiny, metallic headband for a touch of glamour.

Wildflower Weave – Hippie Headband Hairstyles:

Embellish a messy fishtail braid with sprigs of wildflowers in the headband.

Celestial Circlet – Hippie Headband Hairstyles:

Pair loose, beachy waves with a thin, starry headband.

Rainbow Ribbons – Hippie Headband Hairstyles:

Intertwine colorful ribbons with braids for a vibrant and playful headband style.

Chic Chain – Hippie Headband Hairstyles:

Drape a chain headband over sleek, straight hair for an effortlessly chic look.

Festival Fishtail – Hippie Headband Hairstyles:

Rock a side fishtail braid with a vibrant, patterned headband.

Wanderlust Waves – Hippie Headband Hairstyles:

Accentuate gentle waves with a travel-inspired headband.

Bohemian Band – Hippie Headband Hairstyles:

Opt for a thick, embroidered headband with a low, messy bun for a boho vibe.

Enchanted Entwine: Let cascading curls flow gracefully against a headband with a magical, fairy-tale motif.

Embracing the Hippie Headband Hairstyle Today

To incorporate hippie headband hairstyles into your modern wardrobe, consider the following tips:

  • Choose headbands that resonate with your personal style and the occasion.
  • Let your hair’s natural texture shine through, whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly.
  • Experiment with different headband materials, from silk to leather, to find your perfect match.
  • Don’t shy away from bold colors and patterns that make a statement.
  • Remember, the essence of the hippie headband hairstyle is in its effortless charm and the freedom it represents.


Hippie headband hairstyles are a timeless trend that continues to enchant with their simplicity and symbolism. They remind us of a time when fashion was a form of protest and self-expression was paramount. Whether you’re attending a music festival or simply enjoying a day out, these hairstyles offer a playful and nostalgic way to celebrate individuality and the enduring spirit of the hippie era.