the World’s First Generation of Male Sex Robot

Male Sex Robot ,The idealized depiction of what women desire created by Realbotix is so lifelike that the user is unaware they are conversing with a machine.

But what is a sex doll, really?

Realbotix sex dolls and Male Sex Robot are created to be physically, intellectually, and emotionally identical to real people, with the exception that they are “hotter” and ready to satiate any need. The Harmony doll’s most well-known model is five feet one inches tall, weighs 70 pounds, and has 32F-sized breasts. (Seems rather “realistic,” no?)

Users may almost alter every aspect of their sex doll, including selecting exact replicas of their favorite pornstar as robot male sex doll.

You may choose her nipples, eyelashes, eyebrows, hues, lipstick, cosmetics, fingernail paint, and everything, according to one guy McMullen recruited to “test drive” female sex dolls like vehicles. Additionally, you may make the doll that arouses you the most.

Customers may even choose from traits like seductive, hilarious, shy, jealous, furious, smart, chatty, insecure, and moody to shape the personality of their doll.

Meet Henry: the first male sex doll

The first male sex robot was created by Realbotix, and it will be introduced this year. The concept is to provide an idealistic representation of what women desire that is so realistically lifelike that the user gradually loses awareness that they are engaging with a machine.

Realbotix twitter poll

Women are searching for a companion that would listen to them and build a real connection, rather than merely a sex partner, according to survey data acquired by Realbotix. This silicone robot’s objective is to exploit a woman’s inborn need for unrestricted love.

That is exactly what their newest sex robot does, objectifying males in the process.

Meet Henry, the most recent Realbotix invention with prices ranging from $11,000 to $50,000.

He has airbrushed features, six-pack abs, and a bionic penis that can be customized and has more ribbed-for-your-pleasure vascularity than is found normally. The main selling point is that it can “go as long as you wish” and is electrically powered rather than battery-operated.

That’s correct, Henry never gives up and is always willing to work hard, because it is a Male Sex Robot.

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Customers may upgrade by buying a personalized robotic head from an a la carte menu in addition to customizing his facial hair, pubic hair, and other features. These realistic heads, which cost between $11,000 and $15,000, give the robot its “personality” and include complete facial motion. An app on the user’s phone manages the heads.

The impact of virtual reality sex on individuals and society

What does it matter if lonely individuals want to spend money, time, and energy on a sex robot? When a synthetic version exists that never gets bored, never gives up, never says no, never gets pregnant, never gives you STDs, and just exists to make the customer happy, why would anybody want to be with a real person? What is the big problem, and what is this situation related to porn?

Many individuals do not think it is unhealthy in any way.

For instance, artificial intelligence scientist David Levy projected that by 2050, people would have a variety of personal relationships with robots, such as friendship, love, and marriage.

Silicone can never and should never replace skin

What customers seek in a relationship and what they should anticipate from sex with a real human partner can be defined by fantasies marketed in porn, artificial intelligence, and the variety of ways the two intersect.

The purpose of the whole sex business is to commodify sex and profit off the gullibility, loneliness, and isolation of its clients. The rationale for developing male and female sex robots is that people desire connection more than simply sex. However, they can’t legitimately acquire that with something that isn’t real, which is the issue.