spermidine supplement benefits

Anti-aging nutrient Spermidine also has antiviral properties!

Right now, there is fierce competition for an antidote to the coronavirus that keeps us on our toes all year round. New drugs and remedies promising a possible cure or immunity are constantly being investigated. But one of the most potent agents against Covid-19 has long been known – spermidine. Research on spermidines has been ongoing for several years. Researchers from the universities of Berlin Innsbruck and Graz have long been interested in this anti-aging product.

Here in some cases, amazing observations could be made. Animal studies already knew that the administration of spermidine prolongs life. However, a study of over 800 human participants of varying ages found that a diet high in spermidine may also lead to a higher life expectancy in humans, as those who consume foods high in spermidine may expect a lifetime advantage of about 5 years over the 20-year observation period. At that time, nothing was known about the antiviral properties of spermidine.

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What is spermidine?

Spermidine is a polyamine that is found both in the body and in food. Spermidine is formed in the gut by our gut bacteria. The name actually comes from semen, as sperm are particularly rich in spermine.
In foods, the polyamine is mainly found in wheat germ, mushrooms, green peas, broccoli and cauliflower. Spermidine became known through research on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, where memory improvement could be determined by taking it. How does spermidine work?

Due to the broad spectrum of action, the question arises as to when in our body spermidine begins to accumulate and thus makes it potent. Researchers were able to discover that spermidine triggers the body’s purification process at the cellular level. It helps to eliminate toxins from the cells and thus to protect the body against aging processes as well as against toxins. Autophagy plays a decisive role in the aging process. 

The organism must eliminate the old cells or a part of cells without function and excrete them. It works very well for a young person. With age, however, the level of spermidine in the human body decreases and fewer unusable cells are broken down. The result is an aging process and an increased accumulation of toxins in the body. In summary, it can be said that spermidine initiates the process of self-cleaning of the cell and filters foreign substances or toxins from the body.

Spermidine and Covid-19

When it comes to corona, researchers have made amazing findings. Several test groups showed significantly lower susceptibility to coronavirus infection. (3) Viruses that reach the body are recognized and eliminated by the body much earlier. The multiplication rate of Covid-19 under the administration of spermidine was also reduced by more than 85%. 

This greatly reduces the spread of the virus in the body and prevents further damage. Following this observation, spermidine has become the center of attention in the fight against the coronavirus and is currently probably the most potent endogenous agent available on the market. 

Spermidine and dementia

Spermidine also plays a major role in dementia research. Spermidine-triggered cell purification protects human brain synapses from toxic organelles and proteins. This significantly slows the progression of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Some studies have even shown improved memory. This is why spermidine is being discussed all over the world and is being researched extensively by experts.

Spermidine Other positive effects:

Studies from 2011 have already confirmed the autophagic effect of spermicide. Diabetes research has shown that the dietary supplement stops the deterioration of pancreatic cells and can therefore stop the progression of diabetes.

Additionally, researchers from the University of Graz found that spermidines greatly influence heart health. Vascular deposits and damage are significantly reduced by spermidine. This leads to improved heart health and protects against major damage to the heart.

Spermidine is therefore a real fountain of youth and helps your body better cope with foreign substances and endogenous toxins.

You can also try our new spermidine from pure wheat germ extract – in extremely high doses. This is how you declare war on the coronavirus and protect your cells against the aging process.

Please note that spermidine does not protect you against coronavirus infection and follow the prescription ss.

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