10 Best Cumin Substitute

Like you would with other spices, you will eventually run out of cumin when cooking. Best Cumin Substitute, if any. Cumin is a versatile, earthy spice that should be in every excellent cook’s spice cabinet. What other spice is as essential to a huge simmering pot of chili, hummus, or curry?

We can thus appreciate the first fear that sets in when you realize you are fresh out of cumin midway through a dish. Be at ease, pal. In a pinch, you may replace cumin with any of these seven spices, which are probably already stored in your spice cabinet.

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Best Substitutes for Cumin

1. Ground coriander as Cumin Substitute

Ground coriander is one of the Best Cumin Substitute. A plant belonging to the parsley, or Apiaceae, family is the source of cumin and coriander. Both are used to season food in the Middle Eastern, Indian, and Latin American cuisines. Cilantro is the name for the young stems and leaves of coriander. Cooks can use the dried seeds whole or crushed into a powder.

Although coriander has a milder flavor than cumin, both ingredients impart a lemony, earthy flavor to food. Add half as much coriander to your meal as you would cumin to replace it. Use a little amount of cayenne or chili powder to increase the spiciness.

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2. Caraway seeds as Cumin Substitute

The rectangular form and mustardy-brown color of cumin and caraway seeds make them look similar when placed side by side. An excellent Cumin Substitute.

This makes sense botanically because they are related. Caraway is a member of the parsley family, along with coriander and cumin. German cooking frequently uses ground or seed caraway. Caraway is a great alternative even if it is a little milder than cumin.

A good general rule is to use ground caraway in lieu of ground cumin and caraway seeds in place of cumin seeds.

3. Garam Masala as Cumin Substitute

Here is another another spice that is frequently used in Indian and South African cuisine. But unlike the other spices on this list, garam masala is a spice mixture made up of several different components. These contain a small amount of cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and coriander. This mixture tastes like cumin when combined: earthy, spicy, lemony, and just a little bit sweet.

However, the spices used in each mix of garam masala are different. If cumin is used, make sure to check the ingredients list first. Even though the recipe could ask for one tablespoon of cumin, use half as much garam masala. this is good as Cumin Substitute.

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4. Chili powder as Cumin Substitute

Chili powder is an alternative that works well because cumin is one of the main components in certain varieties.

In addition to paprika, garlic powder, oregano, crushed cayenne, and onion powder, the mixture may also contain chili powder, so keep that in mind. This alternative works well when cooking a dish like pinto beans, but it might not go well with the tastes of some other cuisines, including Indian curries.

Chili powder as Cumin Substitute. may also give your food a more scarlet tint due to the paprika and cayenne it contains.

5. Taco seasoning as Cumin Substitute

This spice mixture contains cumin, oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, and all the other ingredients found in chili powder. In addition, salt, black pepper, and red pepper flakes are used in taco seasoning.

You may anticipate that this replacement will add a more nuanced range of tastes than cumin does on its own, as well as a little more heat.

Additionally, remember that different taco seasoning mixes have different salt contents.

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6. Curry Powder as Cumin Substitute

Cumin is a component in curry powder, a spice blend that also includes cinnamon, coriander, ginger, turmeric, and other ingredients. However, curry powder is a decent substitute. However, be cautious of the yellow hue that turmeric may impart to your food. For savory meals like curries and this chicken biryani recipe, we advise using it.

Curry powder is somewhat sweeter despite include cumin thanks to the inclusion of cinnamon and clove. Simply use 12 teaspoon of curry powder for each teaspoon of cumin in your recipes to use this substitution. By using a dash or two of pepper, you may also provide heat and a peppery flavor.

7. Paprika as Cumin Substitute

You may rely on paprika to preserve your expensive meals if you need cumin for its smokey taste but are out of it. With other words, paprika works well in smoky, somewhat sweet, and dishes with a low heat level. You can season your food with half the amount of cumin specified in the recipe to start, and then add more as needed.

8. Star Anise as Cumin Substitute

For Mexican meals, taco spice is a decent cumin alternative; nevertheless, star anise works well in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. However, you might wish to use star anise in its ground form because it has a completely distinct appearance and flavor from cumin. For these cuisines, ground star anise works rather well since it releases more flavor. A teaspoon of cumin can be substituted with half a teaspoon of powdered star anise.

9. Fennel Seeds as Cumin Substitute

Another spice from the parsley family is fennel seeds. But the flavor doesn’t taste anything like cumin. But they all appear the same. Fennel lacks the earthy, lemony, and spice that you look for in cumin other from that. Fortunately, if you’re using fennel in place of cumin, it has a less intense licorice flavor that is always appropriate. To be on the safe side, only do this as a last option.

10. Chipotle Powder as Cumin Substitute

Many people would be shocked to learn that chipotle is labeled as a cumin alternative. Nevertheless, because they are composed of smoked jalapenos, they serve as a wonderful (but not ideal) substitute for cumin. In other words, chipotle possesses the smokiness and heat that cumin is valued for.