BAI Calculator – Body Adiposity Index

BAI Calculator

All persons who wish to maintain their bodies healthy and fit should use the BAI calculator. You will be able to check your body adiposity index with its assistance, and you will be able to determine whether your BAI is within a healthy body fat level using the guideline table below. To learn more about BAI, how to determine body fat percentage, and the ranges for underweight, healthy, overweight, and obese people, see the accompanying article.

What is BAI?

Body adiposity index is abbreviated as BAI. This indicator indicates how much of your entire body mass is made up of fat tissues. The calculations are made by comparing a person’s height to the size of their hips. Unlike the BMI, the BAI approach does not utilize bodyweight to calculate estimates. The BAI is almost equal to the proportion of body fat for adult men and women of various races, according to several demographic studies.

The BAI methods of calculating adiposity have similar accuracy to BMI, waist, or hip circumference-based approaches, according to the researchers’ scientific study. However, none of these methods (including BAI) provide exact body fat measurements. They are mostly utilized for basic testing since they are simple to carry out.

BAI calculator

The percentage value of body fat is calculated using the body adiposity calculator. For computations, it employs the formula (for both, males and females):

BAI = (hip circumference/(height)^1.5) - 18

where: hip circumference is in centimeters and height is in meters.

To calculate the body adiposity index, multiply your hip circumference (in cm) by 1.5 times your height (in m), then subtract 18.

What’s more, hip circumference measures should be taken by wrapping a tape measure around the hips and passing it through the rise of the buttocks (viewed from the side).

Calculate the body fat percentage

Using the BAI calculator is a piece of cake, take a look:

  1. Fill in your height (you can use different units like cm, m, in, ft)
  2. Enter your hip circumference (in cm or in)
  3. Check the percentage value of body adiposity index in the last field.

Let’s do an example calculation for a man who is 42 years old:

height = 180 cm

hip circumference = 102 cm

and the result:

BAI = 24.2%

Healthy body fat

Once you’ve calculated your body adiposity index, use the tables below to see if you’re at a healthy weight. Gallagher, Heymsfield, and colleagues proposed the following BAI categorization based on age and gender:

Age (years)UnderweightHealthyOverweightObese
20 – 39Less than 21%21% to 33%Greater than 33%Greater than 39%
40 – 59Less than 23%23% to 35%Greater than 35%Greater than 41%
60 – 79Less than 25%25% to 38%Greater than 38%Greater than 43%
  • Body adiposity index classification for man
Age (years)UnderweightHealthyOverweightObese
20 – 39Less than 8%8% to 21%Greater than 21%Greater than 26%
40 – 59Less than 11%11% to 23%Greater than 23%Greater than 29%
60 – 79Less than 13%13% to 25%Greater than 25%Greater than 31%