Navy Body Fat Calculator

The US Navy created one of the finest systems for determining a person’s body fat percentage, and it measures body fat with high precision. Because all US Navy service personnel are obliged to achieve particular percent body fat (percent BF) levels as a condition of military service, this metric is calculated for them. Continue reading to learn more about the equation and to see if you qualify for the naval forces. The technique used by the US Navy body fat calculator differs from that used by our body fat calculator or the US Army body fat calculator, therefore you should compare the findings.

What are the necessary measurements?

All you’ll need is a measuring tape. After that, begin taking measurements:

  1. Height – make sure you stand up straight and barefoot.
  2. Neck – the circumference should be measured just underneath the larynx (Adam’s apple).
  3. Waist – should be measured horizontally, around the narrowest part of the abdomen for women and at the at the navel level for men.
  4. Hips – should be measured at the widest part of the buttocks or hip.

The values can be entered in both imperial and metric units. You may also compute your body shape, waist-to-hip ratio, and waist-to-height ratio if you’ve already taken these measures.

What formula does the US Navy body fat calculator use?

The Naval Health Research Center (NHRC) in San Diego, California, devised the equation.

It looks like this for men:

%BF = 495 / ( 1.0324 - 0.19077 * log10( waist - neck ) + 0.15456 * log10( height ) ) - 450

And for women:

%BF = 495 / ( 1.29579 - 0.35004 * log10( waist + hip - neck ) + 0.22100 * log10( height ) ) - 450

The US Navy body fat standards

The limit of body fat percentage for US Navy service members:

  • Age 18 to 21 – 22% for males, 33% for females;
  • Age 22 to 29 – 23% for males, 34% for females;
  • Age 30 to 39 – 24% for males, 35% for females;
  • Age over 40 – 26% for males, 36% for females.

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