Anxiety may be crippling and disruptive to a person’s life, making even basic everyday chores difficult to do. If you suffer from anxiety, you may be battling much more than normal as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. Whether you’re dealing with little panic episodes or a more significant anxiety illness, internet counseling can help, especially if you can’t leave your house right now.
Thousands of online therapists who specialize in anxiety therapy are available to assist you if you’re having trouble coping with the added stress of having to spend more time at home or are concerned about the repercussions of the coronavirus epidemic on your personal life or the globe in general.

What Is Anxiety?

While there are several definitions of anxiety, the most fundamental explanation is that anxiety is a sensation of concern, uneasiness, and/or dread in response to a variety of events. It might be extreme, leaving you feeling unsure and anxious. Some people get agitated and fearful as a result of their panic.

Anxiety is generally divided into categories, despite the fact that it manifests itself in a variety of symptoms, worries, and behaviors.

  • Panic disorder and agoraphobia
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Specific phobias
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Finding the Best Anxiety Counseling Online

Now that you know that online counseling can help you manage your anxiety, you need to figure out which site is best for you.  


  • An excellent reputation for effective anxiety treatment.
  • There are tens of thousands of professional counselors.
  • A communication system that is simple to use.
Better Help

Price: ranges from roughly $240 per month to $600 or more per month, depending on your location and availability.

app Yes, and is available.

Platforms: Live video, chat, audio, and limitless message are among the platforms available.

Insurance: Services provided via this site are normally not covered by health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, but you can receive a receipt and ask your physician for partial out-of-network reimbursement.


BetterHelp is a large, easy-to-navigate, online therapy service that will fit a lot of people’s therapy needs. It has a higher overall customer satisfaction rating with the users we surveyed, and depending on your location, may have generally lower subscription costs than other companies, such as Talkspace.


  • Therapist bios displayed on website before signup
  • All therapists are licensed
  • Multiple communication methods available


  • No medication management services
  • No free trial
  • Therapist chosen for you


BetterHelp is one of the most well-known and popular online therapy firms today for a reason: it is a simple-to-use, reasonably priced online therapy service that will meet the needs of many people.

Users may read full biographies of the therapists who work at BetterHelp before joining up. This gives you the assurance that you’ll be able to locate someone with whom you can form a therapeutic relationship before you start the sign-up procedure. BetterHelp is also quite forthcoming about how it safeguards patient information and privacy, with thorough information clearly posted on its website.

Clients may communicate with their therapist using a range of communication methods, including video, audio, live chats, and unrestricted texting. Users can then choose the most convenient and comfortable choice. Individuals, couples, and teens can all benefit from sessions.

Plans & Pricing 

Subscription rates range from $240 per month to $600 per month (or more), depending on where you live and which therapist you’re allocated to.

  • Weekly 30- to 45- minute sessions, depending on therapist availability
  • Video, audio, live chat communication options
  • Unlimited messaging available 24/7



Price: Starts at $65 per week (or $260 per month), but varies according to to on location, therapist, and plan. The initial psychiatry session costs $199, with follow-up consultations costing $125.

Yes, an app is available.

platforms: Live video, audio, chat, and limitless message platforms are available.

Insurance: Accepts several insurance plans, as well as FSA, HSA, and EAP accounts.

Why Talkspace

Talkspace is a user-friendly, subscription-based online therapy firm that provides a variety of services (including medication management) and communication options, with certain services being reimbursed by insurance.


  • Services for medication management are offered.
  • There are several subscription choices available, each with a different pricing tier.
  • Some services are covered by health-care insurance.
  • When you sign up, you will receive a free 10-minute orientation call or live video chat with a therapist.


  • Only has the option of selecting a therapist from a list of algorithm-generated matches.
  • Additional services might add up quickly.
  • There are no therapist biographies on the website prior to signing up.
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Talkspace, which was founded in 2012, was one of the first online treatment firms to start, and its services have only grown since then. Psychiatry, medication management, couples therapy, and teen counseling are now included.

Talkspace, like BetterHelp, offers a range of ways to communicate with your therapist, including video, audio, live chat, and limitless texting. If your plan is in-network, the firm also works with select insurance companies and EAP programs, which helps make them cheaper. They also accept HSA and FSA cards for payment. Talkspace complies with HIPAA regulations, and its privacy rules are publicly published on the company’s website.

The services they obtained through Talkspace were regarded as very good or exceptional by 69 percent of the consumers we polled, which was lower than how BetterHelp users rated their services.

Plans & Pricing 

Talkspace is distinct from BetterHelp in that it offers a number of membership choices, each with its own fee. There are three options:

  • Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus: This package covers text, video, and voice messaging, as well as daily, up to five-day responses from your therapist.
  • Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium: This subscription covers everything included in the Therapy Plus plan, plus one 30-minute live video session each month.
  • Unlimited Messaging Therapy Ultimate: This package offers all of the features of the Plus plan, plus four 30-minute live video sessions every month.


  • Price: $29 with in-network insurance; $259 – $325 per month without insurance
  • App available: Yes
  • Platforms: Live video, phone, text
  • Insurance: Yes

Why Cerebral

Cerebral was chosen because it can provide both medication management and talk therapy while also accepting a variety of in-network insurance plans.


  • Accepts insurance
  • Offers both talk therapy and medication management
  • Doctors’ bios on website


  • Insurance varies by state
  • Therapist matched for you
  • Company is still expanding insurance options


Cerebral is a web-based treatment platform that offers both conversation therapy and medication. It also delivers your prescription medication to your home, saving you the time and effort of going to the drugstore.

Cerebral tackles a wide range of mental and emotional health concerns, and while its out-of-network subscription fees are comparable to those of its competitors, if you have one of the in-network insurance plans it takes, your monthly charges can be as little as $29 plus your copay.

Plans and Pricing

  • The cost of the Medication + Care Counseling Plan is $85 per month if you pay for it yourself, or $29 per month plus a copay if you have in-network health insurance.
  • Therapy Plan: This costs $259 per month if you pay out of pocket, with medication separately invoiced, or $29 per month if you have an in-network health insurance plan with a copay.
  • Medicine + Therapy Plan: If you’re self-paying, with medication billed separately, this plan costs $325 per month, or $29 per month with an in-network health insurance plan and a copay.


Online Review 2022 for Anxiety Addiction Depression Treatment 2
  • Price:$160-$320 per month
  • App Available: No
  • Platforms:Video, audio, text messaging
  • Insurance: No, however if you wish to seek reimbursement from your health insurance carrier for out-of-network expenses, you can obtain a receipt.

Why Online-Therapy

Online-Therapy services specialize in offering high-quality cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as well as a comprehensive set of self-care tools.


  • All therapists specialize in CBT
  • Provides additional resources for self-care work outside of session
  • Discount for first month available


  • No medication management services
  • No couples or group therapy offered
  • Doesn’t take insurance Review 2022 for Anxiety, Addiction & Depression Treatment
Online-Therapy It’s a complete toolbox. You get all the support and tools you need to be...Show More
Online-Therapy It’s a complete toolbox. You get all the support and tools you need to be happier. Show Less


CBT treatment delivered online has been demonstrated to be just as effective as in-person counseling while being less expensive. 2 And this is something that Online-Therapy, a Swedish firm that serves various English-speaking countries, including the United States, understands: it has built an online therapy company dedicated solely to this style of treatment.

CBT is used by the company’s therapists to treat a variety of mental health concerns, such as agoraphobia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, insomnia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, relationship problems, and more.

You may have treatment sessions by chat messaging, phone, or video depending on the therapist you’re connected with. You’ll also get access to their online “toolbox,” which includes a number of self-led worksheets, diary prompts, and other tools, including yoga and meditation videos, regardless of whatever membership package you choose.

Plans & Pricing

  • The Basic Plan, which costs $160 a month and includes daily texts from your therapist, is the most cost-effective option.
  • The Standard Plan is $240 per month and includes unlimited texting with your therapist as well as a weekly live 30-minute appointment with your therapist.
  • The Premium Plan includes any-time texting with your therapist with express answers and two 30-minute live sessions each week for $320 per month.



Usability: When someone is depressed or anxious, the last thing they want to do is cope with a difficult-to-navigate online counseling platform.

Quality of care: It was critical for me to work with a therapist who had valid clinical psychology training.

Price: Brightside costs $249 for the first month of the Therapy or Therapy + Medication programs, followed by $299 and $349 each month thereafter.

Why Brightside

Brightside health is an online therapy platform that provides medication and therapy to people who need it. The main goal of Brightside is to help people feel better and stay that way. Anxiety and depression therapy that works – Get a 50% discount on your first month – Consult with physicians, have your medicines delivered, and speak with a therapist all in one location.


  • Online Therapy
  • Self Care/Lifestyle
  • Anxiety & Depression Medication


  • Does Not Accept Insurance
Get a personalized treatment plan online and start feeling like you again with medication...Show More
Get a personalized treatment plan online and start feeling like you again with medication, therapy, or both. Show Less

Brightside Overview

Did you know that 40 million individuals in the United States suffer from sadness and anxiety each year? Because of a lack of access, price, and cultural stigmas that make individuals unwilling to seek adequate medical treatment, less than half of those 40 million people receive the essential medical care they require.

Brightside Health is an online treatment company that helps those in need with drugs and counseling. Brightside’s main mission is to help individuals feel better and stay that way. People worry if Brightside Health is legitimate. At Brightside, 83 percent of members begin to feel better after 12 weeks.

Brightside customers adore how simple it is to get individualized therapy for depression and anxiety. On top of feeling like you’re their only patient, Brightside makes it inexpensive to chat to an expert from the comfort of your own home.

Plan & prices

Brightside Prices

  • Medication (Prescription + Delivery)$95.00/Month
  • Therapy + Medication (Counseling & Prescription Delivery)$299.00/Month
  • Unlimited Talk Therapy (Messaging / Chat)$249.00/Month



Monthly cost: $240–$360.

Yes, an app is available.

Platforms: Unlimited message, live chat, phone, and video sessions are all available.

Health insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid do not often cover services provided via this site. You can ask for reimbursement if your plan covers it.

Why Regain

ReGain is a relationship-focused business that offers affordable subscriptions, an educational website with a library of relationship materials, and a high overall customer satisfaction rating when compared to other relationship-focused services.


  • All therapists are licensed
  • Specialized in couples
  • Unlimited messaging anytime for both partners


  • Messaging may not allow for depth communications
  • Therapist is chosen for you
  • No medication management services


ReGain distinguishes out as a program focused solely on assisting couples with their relationship challenges and mental health. All of our therapists are completely licensed, which sets us apart from some of the other couples-focused businesses out there. Eighty-six percent of users stated their therapists’ qualifications were very high or outstanding, and ninety percent said they were very likely or likely to be working with a Regain therapist in a year.

You may sign up as an individual or with your spouse to address your relationship concerns. You might also choose to invite your companion at a later date. After you join up, you’ll have access to a private, secure “room” where you may talk with your therapist and get replies and assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may also book a live chat, phone, or video appointment with your therapist.

Plans & Pricing 

The cost of a monthly subscription ranges from $240 to $360. The cost is influenced by your location as well as the preferences of your therapist. Among the services provided are:

  • Live video or phone sessions 
  • Unlimited messaging available 24/7