Best Chest Exercises for Men

There is a propensity to push your body to its boundaries when it comes to effective chest workouts for guys. You’re not barking up the wrong tree, but a number of experts would reiterate that while practicing chest exercises with dumbbells or barbells in particular, you should stop just short of going to the extremes.

It’s crucial to discuss this point since it eventually determines whether the chest muscles are healthy or severely injured. In other words, even if you’re adding bulk, do chest exercises with caution and balance. Here are the top 10 male chest workouts to do.

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Best Chest Exercises For Men

The Workout

Perform the eight exercises in this circuit workout back-to-back, take a 2-minute break, and then perform the circuit two to four more times. Take as little time off between workouts as possible. Depending on how many cycles you complete and how long it takes you to switch between exercises, the entire workout time should be between 20 and 45 minutes.

Cable Cross-Over: Low To High

How to Do It: Attach a D-handle to either side of a cable pulley machine and set both sides to the lowest setting. Standing between the handles with your feet shoulder-width apart, take hold of one handle with the palms of each hand facing upward (a supinated grip). Keep your arms down by your sides, your chest high, and your back straight. This is where everything begin.

Bring both handles up and forward until your hands are at eye level while keeping your arms slightly bent. The movement from your hips to the front of your face should resemble a huge “scooping” motion. Get a solid contraction at the peak at a comfortable pace, then gently bring both handles back to the starting position.

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Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a good way to start your exercise. This no-equipment exercise will increase your heart rate and assist in preparing you for the remainder of your workout.

Put your feet together and keep your hands at your sides. Jump your feet laterally and raise your arms up at the same time. Jump your feet back to the center as soon as you land, bringing your arms back to your sides.

If you are unable to easily do a typical jumping jack due to extra body weight or an injury, adjust the exercise by stepping your right foot out to the side and swinging your arms above, then swinging your arms back to your sides.

Cable Cross-Over: High To Low

How to Do It: Adjust the cable pulley machine’s settings on both sides to the highest position, then fasten a D-handle to each side. Grab a handle with an overhand (pronated) grip, place one in each hand, and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Your elbows should be slightly bent and your arms should be stretched out to your sides like a T. This is where everything begin.

In a downward scooping motion, bring both handles down and toward your bellybutton until they come together in front of your hips. At the bottom, contract your pecs and steadily raise both handles back to shoulder height while maintaining a rigid core. A rep is one.

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Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

How to Do It: Angle an incline bench between 30 and 45 degrees. Sit with your back on the bench, your head against the bench, and your feet flat on the floor while holding two dumbbells in an overhand grip. Your arms should be stretched as you raise both dumbbells above your face. This is where everything begin.

Press the weights up and slightly toward one another until you are back in the beginning position after lowering both dumbbells until they are at the center of your chest. A rep is one.

Dumbbell Neutral-Grip Bench Press

How to Do It: Lie back on a flat bench while holding a dumbbell in each hand with a neutral grip (palms facing each other). Your arms should be raised high above your chest while you hold the dumbbells closely together. This is where everything begin.

Lower the dumbbells to just above your chest while concentrating on tensing your pecs. Press them back to the beginning position when they do. A rep is one.

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Barbell Bench Press

Lie back in a barbell bench press station with your head resting against the bench and your feet flat on the floor. Directly beneath the racking bar is where your gaze should be. With an overhand grip that is little broader than shoulder width, grasp the bar. Unrack the bar while keeping your arms fully extended, placing it precisely over your chest. This is where everything begin.

Lower the bar till it touches your nipple at chest level while keeping your elbows in, then push it up quickly until your arms are straight once again. Engage your core during the exercise to prevent overly arching your lower back or moving your chest.

Resistance Band Pull-Apart

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your head forward is how to do this position. Your arms should be completely extended while you hold the resistance band in an overhand grasp in front of you. It’s OK if each hand has an additional band. This is where everything begin.

Spread your arms slowly as though attempting to separate the band. Pay attention to bringing your shoulder blades together as you do this. Once the band hits your chest, continue to stretch your arms widely. At eye level, slowly reunite your arms in front of you. During each repeat, keep the stretch under control.

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How to Do It: Spread your hands out on the ground, shoulder-width apart. Make sure that just the tips of your toes and the palms of your hands rest on the ground. Hip distance should separate your feet. This is where everything begin.

Lower your body toward the floor while keeping your hands and toes on the ground until your upper arms are parallel to the floor and your elbows make a 90-degree angle. Push into the floor to go back to the beginning posture while keeping your elbows tucked in close to your sides. Squeeze your glutes and abs as you go up and down to support your lower back.

Sliding Disc Push-Up

How to Do It: Place each hand on a sliding disc, such as a Valslide, a weight plate, or even a paper plate, while knelt on the floor with your arms around shoulder-width apart. Without letting your hands leave your sides, slowly elevate yourself into the push-up position. This is where everything begin.

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As you drop your body to the floor, push each Valslide to extend your arms apart. Use your chest muscles to draw the sliders back together once you’ve completed the push-up and are back at the beginning position. A rep is one.