2022 Review: Cerebral for Anxiety & Depression Treatment


Cerebral bills itself as a subscription mental health service. It uses a two-tiered approach: talk therapy and correct medicine to give telehealth assistance for anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and ADHD. Cerebral uses a collaborative care treatment methodology to assist clients in managing their symptoms and achieving a healthy lifestyle. Cerebral is the best part: it’s fully online.

Thanks to social media and the availability of online counseling and telemedicine, the dialogue about mental health are moving now more than ever.

Cerebral, also known as getting Cerebral, is an online mental health platform that combines medication management and therapy. It was created in 2019. Continue reading to understand how Cerebral can assist you in locating the therapy you require.


Pros and cons: Cerebral for Anxiety

  • There are multiple plans available based on customer needs.
  • Cerebral offers convenient and accessible mental health care.
  • They offer low cost prescriptions.
  • The company works with insurance companies to help customers get coverage and reimbursements.
  • Cerebral is available to those who are uninsured.
  • They’re FSA and HSA eligible.

Why We Like : Cerebral for Anxiety

An online resource for mental health called Cerebral provides therapy for both mental health issues and medication management. In addition to helping customers receive savings and reimbursements from insurance carriers, the business offers assistance to individuals who lack insurance.

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Nearly one in five individuals in the United States live with a mental disease, according to the National Institute of Mental HealthTrusted Source.

Despite the widespread nature of mental health concerns, stigmas and other obstacles frequently prevent people from receiving the necessary care. Even though it has been demonstrated that mental health directly affects physical health, it is frequently neglected.

Thanks to social media, internet counseling, and telemedicine, the dialogue about mental health is changing more than ever.

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How does Cerebral work?

It only takes a few minutes to sign up for Cerebral from your phone or computer. To establish which plan is appropriate for you, you will be required to complete a brief psychological evaluation.

You’ll receive a prompt after signing up to book your initial phone or video chat to decide your treatment plan. The wait period for an appointment is often less than 7 days, however on rare occasions it could be greater.

You may use the in-app live chat feature to contact your account coordinator if you have a pressing requirement by logging into your account. You will be able to make an earlier appointment at this time, if any are still open.

Cerebral : Medication and Care Counseling plan

The plan includes:

  • evaluation, diagnosis and prescription by a prescribing provider, plus ongoing phone or video meetings
  • monthly medication delivery
  • monthly phone or video meetings with a care counselor who will share behavioral health techniques and coping mechanisms
  • unlimited care team messaging
  • access to a medical professional for questions and concerns
  • regular progress tracking by your prescribing provider and counselor

Cerebral : Medication and Coaching plan

The plan includes:

  • evaluation, diagnosis, and prescription by a prescribing provider
  • monthly medication delivery with no added shipping fee
  • weekly video or phone sessions with a licensed therapist
  • ongoing, secure messaging with your therapist at any time
  • access to a medical professional for questions and concerns
  • regular progress tracking by your prescribing provider and therapist